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 is a registered trademark of TOYOBO Co.,Ltd. In Japan.

Super strong polyethylene fiber has a higher specific tensile strength than any other fibers now in existence and also has a sufficient high modulus.Together with its low density, the fiber is expected to be an advanced fiber material for such fields as light weight is required. Moreover the fiber has excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance. The co-operation between DSM and TOYOBO in the development and possible production of the fiber is a consequence of link up between DSM's basic patent covered almost all over the world and TOYOBO's excellent fiber spinning technology.

1Light Weight

The specific gravity of Dyneema® SK60 is 0.97, which is the lowest value among super fibers and is lighter than water.

Density of Some Fibers

2Good Abrasion Resistance and Flex Life

Dyneema® has excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance. Due to its ability to be processed easily. (weaving, knitting etc.), this leads to wide applications for industrial use

Abrasion Resistance and Flex Life

3Excellent Energy Absorption

Dyneema® has excellent energy absorption which is the most important.
property for protective clothing

Energy Absorption

4Light Stability

Dyneema® shows good light stability due to its chemical and highly crystallized structure. Dyneema® can be used without special covering or coatings.

Light Stability

5 Excellent Chemical Stability

Dyneema® shows excellent chemical stability in a wide pH range, .
which prompts the application for chemical industries. Because there is no degradation from sea water absorption, Dyneema® is an ideal material for marine and off-shore use

Excellent Chemical Stability (treat with 23 X 2000 hrs)