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KEVLAR® is a DuPont registered trademark


Du Pont KEVLAR is an organic fiber in the aromatic polyamide family.
The unique properties and distinct chemical composition of wholly aromatic polyamides(aramids) distinguish them ―and especially KEVLAR―from other commercial, man-made fibers.
KEVLAR has a unique combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability.

1Comparative Properties of KEVLAR vs. Other Yarns

  Kevlar29 Kevlar49 nylon E-glass steel wire carbon fiber
Density 1.44 1.45 1.14 2.54 7.85 1.75
Tensile strength(kg/mm²) 300 300 130 (245) 200 (360)
Tensile modulus(Kg/mm²) 7,320 11,100 630 (7,000) 20,000 (23,500)
Breaking elongation(%) 3.6 2.4 19 4.0 1.1 1.5

2High Breaking Strength

Straight Test On Conditioned Yarns Tensile Strength/Resin Impregnated Strands Tensile Strength

3High Tensile Modulus

Comparing the tensile strength of 1mm², Kevlar has excellent material properties.
The higher number means the less deformation to the pulling direction.

High Tensile Modulus

4Heat Dimensional Stability

Kevlar has good thermal dimensional stability.
If Kevlar is used up to 160℃ ,it can maintain its properties in high level.
Kevlar hardly shrinks under higher temperature than 160℃.
Kevlar does not melt and has autoextinguishable properties.

Effect of Elevated Temperature on Tensile Properties