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Technora is a registered trademark of Teijin LTD.


Technora is a para-aramid fiber independently developed by Teijin, which has been commercially available since 1987.
It has high tensile strength, high modulus and excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, especially acids and alkalis.
Technora is made from copolymers and is produced in the different process from PPTA(poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide) .
For its superior properties as stated above, Technora is used in rubber reinforcement, ropes, protective goods, cement and plastic reinforcement and many other industrial applications.


(1) High tensile strength
The tensile strength of Technora is 28g/de(24.7cn/dtex,350kg/mm2), which is 8 times as strong as steel and 3 times as strong as fiberglass, polyester and nylon of the same weight. This property will serve significantly to reduce weight.
(2) Fatigue resistance
High tenacity fibers generally show a loss of  strength against repeated abrasion, flexure and stretch,
Technora has excellent fatigue resistance, as compared to the  other high tenacity fibers.
(3) Dimensional stability
Technora has a stiff and highly oriented molecular structure which leads to a high  modulus, low creep and low stress relaxation. Due to its low thermal shrinkage,  it has good dimensional stability.
(4) Heat resistance
Technora has a decomposition temperature of 500 ℃
It can be used at 200 ℃ for long periods of time and, even at 250℃、
it maintains more than half of its tensile strength that was measured at room temperature.
(5) Chemical resistance
Technora exhibits high resistance to both acids, alkalis and organic solvents. It is also resistant to sea water and steam.

Standard Performance of Technora

Color Gold
Density 1.39g/cm3
Filament diameter 12μm(Circular)
Tensile strength 350kg/mm2 (3.4GPa)
24.7cN/dtex (28g/de)
Tensile modulus 7400kg/mm2 (73GPa)
520cN/dtex (590g/de)
Elongation at break 4.6%
Thermal decomposing temperature 500℃ (932F)
Heat of combustion 6800cal/g
Specific heat 0.26cal/g℃
Limited oxygen index (LOI) 25
Equilibrium moisture regain 2%

Wet strength is same as dry strength.
Knot strength and loop strength are respectively about 25% and 40% of tensile strength.
Impact strength is high.
As shown in following graph, strength remarkably increases according to the stretching speed.

Standard Performance of Technora

2Abrasion durability

Life to breakage cycles

  Fiber to Metal Fiber to Fiber
Technora 790 360
PPTA 200 130

(Experimented by Teijin Method)

Abrasion durability

Sample cord : 1670T/1x2
Weight : 600g

3Flexural fatigue

Retention of strength

  Retention of strength
Technora 52%
PPTA 36%

(Experimented by Teijin Method)

Flexural fatigue

Sample cord : 1670T/1x2
Bending conditions :
- Roller diameter 10mmØ
- D/d 15
- Load 1.8kg
- Number of cycles 2,000