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ZYLON® is a registered trademark of TOYOBO Co.,Ltd. In Japan.


ZYLON® is a new high-performance fiber developed by TOYOBO.
ZYLON® consists of rigid-rod chain molecules of poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole)(PBO).

1Comparison of mechanical properties with other fibers

ZYLON has the highest tensile strength and tensile modulus among high-performance fibers.

Comparison of mechanical properties with other fibers

2Tensile Strength and Modulus

Tensile Strength and Modulus

3Flame Resistance and Thermal Stability

Flame Resistance and Thermal Stability

4Creep Properties

ZYLON has superior creep resistance to p-Aramid fibers. (Creep means a non-recoverable strain after prolonged static loading.) When a certain load is applied to yarn, recoverable strain (initial strain) and non-recoverable strain are observed. For ZYLON HM,non-recoverable strain after 100 hours under 50% of breaking load (Safety factor(SF)=2) is less than 0.03%.

Creep Properties