People who don't stand still never see the same scenery twice.  We're not content to merely reap the fruits of past successes.

Designing the perfect product for your unique needs

Designing the perfect product for your unique needs

Finding out what customers really want and making sure they get
it...that is the ultimate goal at Hayami Industry.
And we pursue that singular goal in every aspect of our three major
fields: Hamilon dept., which provides functional braided cords,
Hamilex Dept., which provides original brand furniture for
audio/video equipment, and Hayami Trading, which serves as the
import-export division for Hamilex Dept.
Customer needs continue to change with the times and comprise a
truly wide arena of areas, including aspects like functionality, cost,
and speedy delivery.
We utilize a network and an accumulation of knowhow amassed
over our long term of accomplishments to consistently fulfill those needs at an
advanced level, and we promise to always provide products that
meet customer standards of perfection.

Hamilex Division

Hamilex Division develops and sell various AV Furniture
such as TV Stand, AV Rack, Speaker Stand under our
Hayami original brands.

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Hamilon Division

Hamilon Division manufactures various plaited cord from
rope for industrial use to sports and leisure use.

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